These four legged beasts are the true heroes of the distillery. Always ready to help out when called upon. They usually work from 7AM to 7PM pacific daily. Stop by say hi and help keep them in kibble by buying a bottle. We add photos of other dogs that stop by to visit from time to time too.

2017-03-03 22.04.04.jpg

Barley The Landseer Newfoundland

We named him Barley after some of our favorite grain. He is a 11 month old Landseer Newfoundland. He still has some room to grow. 

Fun Facts

  • Loves rolling bones cookies from Rolling Stone Bakery

  • Has no personal boundaries or real manners

  • Has the uncanny knack of finding any spilled grain.

  • Always by our side and loves a good old fashion belly rub about once an hour.


Bert the Great Dane

Bert is the latest addition to the distillery. He is currently 16 months old, yes that is an old picture, but we like it so. Barley is his best buddy.

Fun Facts

  • He will cuddle you so hard no matter where you are standing or sitting… or anything else really.

  • Biggest of the three..

  • Fierce protector of Barley

2016-05-04 20.57.38.jpg

Chester the English Retriever  

Chester is a 6 year old English Retriever and has some of the best manners in all of Pendleton Oregon. He prides himself in making sure Barley has his proper daily exercise.

Fun Facts

  • Favorite color is tennis ball green

  • Has the patience of a saint.

  • Once survived a grueling 8 hours tennis ball play session while we carefully distilled our first batch of Vodka.

  • Protector of all things on the distillery floor and tables.

  • Likes long walks on the beach

Current pic of Barley and Bert!

Current pic of Barley and Bert!