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Science Pub Pendleton: Why Soil is Important


The Dirt on Dirt: Why Soil is Important with Stewart Wuest, Soil Scientist at the USDA-Agricultural Research Service

We don’t ask for much, just air to breath, water to drink and some food when we are hungry. But do you think much about where those things come from? Air and water are part of the earth’s grand recycling system, but what about food? Every creature that lives on land is dependent on plants, and plants are dependent on soil. Everyone knows what soil looks like and where they can find some, but do you really know what soil is? In this talk, soil scientist and agricultural researcher Stewart Wuest is going to emphasize the most important features of soil and how soil and climate in the inland Pacific Northwest creates an especially productive environment for growing wheat.

Doors Open @ 5PM | All Ages Welcome | $5 suggested donation

Questions: or 503.797.4529.

OMSI is taking our popular Science Pub event series on the road and we're excited to host a one-time event in Pendleton on April 4. OMSI's Outreach Team is traveling through Eastern Oregon and will be making a stop in Pendleton during the day and we wanted to continue to share our love of science by hosting a special Science Pub lecture that evening. We hope you will join us!

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