Ramen Bombs


Our very own Cory Egan dreamed up this great idea for a to-go order of Ramen for the hard working people of Pendleton Oregon. Essentially the Bitchen Kitchen does all the hard work of building a Ramen Broth from scratch using Kombu and Pork stock along with special spices. They also carefully assemble the other key ingredients like the Ramen Nama noodles, soft boiled egg, Momofuku style roasted pork belly and a plethora of vegetables for a truly delicious dish.

What you receive with your to-go order is special broth in one container and another container full of ramen noodle, roasted pork belly, carrot, mushroom, scallion, soft boiled egg. Take it home or to your work, heat, and put it all together for a big bowl of awesome!

Pro Tip: You can order them online and pick them up here