Why the name "Oregon Grain Growers Brand Distillery"?

Since moving back we have been putting a lot of energy into planning the distillery here in Pendleton Oregon. We have visited numerous distilleries in Oregon and Washington taking notes, tasting products, and analyzing layouts. At this time we were also looking at their location. name, branding, and how we felt when touring their facility and tasting room. We also spent a lot of time and money researching their products by tasting and visiting liquor stores and retail locations where their products were sold. We focused on how products looked and read on the shelf. How was their brand represented in the short time we paid attention to it? Did we know where it came from? What was it made with? What caught our eye? How did it make us feel? We used these questions and our research to come up with the following:

When deciding on our name we wanted the person enjoying our product to know immediately where it came from. Thus we needed to use a well know geographical location. So we decided that the great state of Oregon should be in our name. If you finished the 5th grade you should be familiar with Oregon.

We wanted to showcase exactly what main raw ingredient we would be using to craft our spirits. Grain will be the main raw ingredient so it gets a seat at the table. 

What better way to honor the hard working families who produce some of the best grain in the world than adding them to your name. 

Historically throughout the past century business created products and used the word "Brand" to signify quality and trust. We wanted to pay homage to them by adding "Brand" in our title. 

Several iterations of describing our business was discussed and "Distillery" beat out the likes of "Spirits", "Whiskey Company", "Distillers", etc. 

In closing we decided that they all deserved to be in our name and Oregon Grain Growers Brand Distillery was born. We feel it pays homage to our roots and communicates exactly where we come from and what we are made of.

We already have a nickname "Circle G" based on a icon that was designed to show Oregon Grain graphically.