Space Planning

With our new building secured we have moved on to space planning. The building was originally set up to be an Cadillac-Oldsmobile-GMC dealership. The building had a showroom, maintenance area, parts storage, and offices. Before we purchased it the building was used as a parts house and then an antique store. We now plan to transform the space into a distillery so that we can produce some of the best spirits using local agricultural products. At a high level our distillery will be separated into three distinct areas. Tasting room, Manufacturing, and Barrel Storage.

The goal of this space is a separated area away from the manufacturing and storage space. This will be our retail space where prospective customers can hear our story, sample our products, and purchase bottles and merchandise. We plan to focus on less is more. We have always been enamored with old feed and seed stores where a mix of wood and industrial steel. We want customers to feel welcome and comfortable.

This is where the equipment will be located. The goal of this area is create a space that works for cooking, fermenting, distilling, and bottling our products. We are really excited about this space as it has over 5000 square feet of concrete floors and multiple 3" floor drains. This is paramount for a distillery in our honest opinion. We also plan to use this space for large events.

This area will be located in the 3000 square foot basement. The goal of this area is to house our barrels and boiler that is used for heating our still. The climate is perfect for storing barrels and we are excited to fill it up with our product. 

Here are some plans we drew that are not final. Caveat: we are not Engineers and or Architects. We used to do the floor plan.

Basement Barrel Room