Milestone: Building Purchased

You are now reading about the proud owners of 511 SE Court Ave. The original home of the Oldsmobile and Cadillac dealership here in Pendleton that started back in 1929. We spent several months working our business plan and finances to make the purchase of this building work, 

So many emotions (mostly fear) came over us over the past couple of weeks. Buying the building made what we are trying to accomplish seem more real. One of the requirements of obtaining a federal permit is securing a location. Well, one of our first milestones have been completed and we are smitten with it. From the huge historical sign on the roof, to the wall to wall concrete, and huge concrete bunker basement. Paul Comrie was nice enough to send us some photos you can see below.

Building circa early 1950s

Those I-Beams are massive.. Come see them yourself.